Tips on Finding The Best Running Shoe For You


Finding The Best Running Shoe

Finding The Best Running Shoe

To find the best running shoe for your needs, you have to know what your shoe type is. Below are steps to help your figure out what that is.

Train Running Shoe

These shoes should be used if you frequently run off-road and need a weather/water resistant shoe with out-sole traction.

Stability Running Shoe

These running shoes are perfect for runners who require arch-side support and mid-sole cushioning for added durability and support.

Cushioned Running Shoe

Cushioned running shoes are necessary for runners who need utmost mid-sole cushioning with minimum arch side support. These best suite runners who are bio-mechanically efficient, and are forefoot or mid-foot strikers, with arches that are moderate to high.

Motion Control Running Shoe

This shoe is suited for runners who are overpronators (your foot rolls inward while running) moderately to severely. A motion-control running shoe maximizes rear-foot control and provides extra support for the arch. They are also perfect for heavy or big runners who need a lot of durability and support. As well, runners usually have flat feet (low arches).

Racing Running Shoe

Racing running shoes are necessary for bio-mechanically efficient stride runners, who don’t have any present injuries, and need an exceptionally lightweight and fast shoe for racing. A lot of runners use their regular training shoe or a performance training shoe in races.

Performance Training Running Shoe

If you need a shoe for racing, training, or speedwork that is well-balanced and light, a performance training shoe is what you need. These shoes can also be used for overpronators for training purposes,

In order to know what the best running shoe is for you, you need to know if you are an overpronator. The easiest way to know if you are, is to remove your shoes, and place them on a table with the heels facing you. If they are tall and straight, you aren’t an overpronator. If they tilt inwards towards the arches, you are more than likely an overpronator and should use motion-control shoes.

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