The Top Brooks Running Shoes of 2011

The Top Brooks Running Shoes of 2011

Brooks continues to innovate and improve upon their trusted, popular shoes. 2011 was no exception. Trance 10, Switch 4, Defyance 4 and Ravenna 2 were introduced to the runner world this year.

Trance 10 is the ultimate support style running shoe for both women and men. The full length Brooks’ DNA was added, which is a gel-like substance that helps reduce impact. The top materials of the shoe are noticeably lighter this year, providing less weight on the shoe. Runners, who need a well cushioned ride, will appreciate the fact that the Trance has re-invented itself drawing inspiration from the Brooks’ Adrenaline line.

The Switch 4 is another support style shoe that is high-speed, low-drag both physically and visually. Offered at the lower price range, it is a favorite among beginning runners. It offers hydro-flow, roll bar and a sprung platform.
Brooks boasts that this shoe gives 65% shock absorption and up to 45% energy return. This line is offered for both men and women.

Defyance 4 was designed for neutral runners. Built for both sexes, it is the ‘Goldilocks’ of running shoes. Not to soft and not to firm. A built-in caterpillar pad that helps the heel-to-toe ride it also has a built in saddle mid-foot. Neutral runners will enjoy the smooth ride with minimal weight.

The Ravenna 2 is another stability shoe, yet built for mild over-pronators. This shoe is the answer for those who fall in between neutral and stability. The newest version cuts more weight, while still providing light stability cushioning. It comes with a 3D arch cushioning that is adjustable.

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