Best Running Shoes for you

Best Running Shoes for you

So, you want to be a runner? Along with will and determination, good running shoes are a must. There are so many running shoes on the market today that even an expert can feel overwhelmed. So, before you head to the store there are a few things you should understand.

Not all feet are the same, therefore it is important that you find good running shoes for your foot. To determine your foot type you first have to understand pronation. Pronation is a minimal inward rolling of the foot during an average walking or running stride. This rolling of the foot helps to distribute the impact on your feet.

One method to determine the pronation of your foot is to study your arch level. By looking at your foot, or stepping in water then on concrete so you can look at your footprint you can deduce what type of arch you have. If you have a high arch, the middle part of your footprint will appear extremely skinny. People with high arches, tend to be under pronators and therefore need a cushioned running shoe. If you have flat feet, or low arches you are an over pronator and your feet roll inward too much when running.

When shopping for shoes you should look for stability or motion control shoes. Finally, if you do not have an excessively low arch or high arch, you have normal arches. You have a more vast selection to choose from and aren’t as limited. Enjoy your shopping and good luck!

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