Adidas: The Supernova Glide 2

The Supernova Glide 2

All runners look for an edge that will distance themselves from the competition. While many brands claim that their product will give you that added advantage, the quick fix really does not exist. Wearing the proper footwear will not make you the fastest runner in the world but there are advantages. Adidas has been making great footwear for sixty years and their line of shoes for 2011 live up to their high standards.

The Supernova Glide 2 is one of the better running shoes on the market. Weighing in at 336 grams, the shoe is lighter than some competitors but is not the lightest available. You really do not notice the extra weight with this shoe, as the shoe is built for comfort.

Built with the Adidas GEOFIT construction, this shoe provides an anatomical fit that gives the shoe a sock-like fit. The shoe provides great stability for the mid-foot, great step comfort and provides some of the best high-wear durability available. The Glide 2 has a large outer-sole that will keep your foot in contact with the ground, giving you added traction while running.

The Glide 2 has a cool mesh upper that will allows running during the hottest part of the day. The arch of this shoe has been firmed up by Adidas when compared to the Supernova Glide 1. The firm forefoot of this shoe is suited best for runners who are larger than most runners. Costing you an average of one hundred dollars, the Supernova Glide 2 gives you more shoe for your money.

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