3 Ingredients For A Great Running Shoe

3 Ingredients For A Great Running Shoe

There are several ingredients that are required to make a great running shoe. There are many companies making ok, and good shoes, but greatness requires a lot more. The little extra is something that extraordinary requires, and can be quite interesting to note. This is incredibly important and something that all runners should be ready to look at. Looking at the different pieces that make a great running shoe work well, can lead many to enjoy long lasting runs without injury.

The first thing that people need to look for in a great running shoe is the tread. A good tread is not slick, it has ridges and grips all terrain easily. It’s important not to confuse a running shoe and a cross trainer, as some are similar. The grip of a the sole is going to lead runners to transition between landscapes with relative ease.

The second piece to the overall greatness of a shoe is the raw materials. Whether it’s synthetic, or a combination of real fibers and manufactured, doesn’t matter as much as the way they are combined to make the shoe. The rugged exterior of a shoe should allow breath ability with the foot, but also make sure flexibility is on point. A shoe that has too solid of a construction will take time to break in, and cause some runners to get blisters or worse.

The last piece is the cushioning inside the shoe. A shoe should have support for the arch above all else, but also allow impact to be felt, just not too much. A runner does not need to run on a pillow, but also doesn’t need to be running on near bare foot surfaces. Make sure to always look for a good composition of different ingredients in the insole to make sure the foot is supported and injuries are not easily sustained.

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