Why Run? Why Not.

Why Run?

Why Run?

The exhilarating wind in the face and the land beneath the feet create a powerful force that make running addictive. For exercise, for pleasure, or simply as a release, there are many answers to the question of ‘Why run?’

Exercising benefits are well documented, majorly researched, and known by anyone who reads. Running is an exercise that is vigorous enough to accrue all of the benefits of other exercise, plus the added benefits of the good (HDL) cholesterol, a greater decrease in body fat, and a lower risk of heart disease. Not that moderate exercise should be discounted; long-distance running reduces high blood pressure of up to 50% and can reduce the need for medication by up to 50% for blood pressure and cholesterol issues.

Aerobic fitness is the heart’s ability to pump efficiently and strong and for muscles to utilize oxygen resourcefully. As fitness increases, the heart pumps additional blood and oxygen every beat and the muscles begin to consume more oxygen. Conditioned muscles create a healthier body overall which increases hormones and enzymes to stimulate muscles and creates a more efficient heart.

Why run? The adrenaline and peace of mind that come with running contribute to the overall healthiness of mind and body, but the true physical benefits of having a healthier heart are even more beneficial.

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