Tips To Avoid Mid-Race Stomach Cramps

Tips To Avoid Mid-Race Stomach Cramps

Runners that have experienced the mid race stomach pains associated with long distance or speed running know that it’s hard to shake. There is nothing quite as hard as trying to finish a run with the stomach churning out pain like no other. There are a few ways to avoid this, but beginners might not understand the dynamics at first. Consider a few tips to helping avoid the painful cramps, and everything will be fine.

First and foremost, do not eat a heavy meal before a race. This is the most obvious tip that can be taken whole heatedly. DO NOT eat anything heavy, because if you do, things are going to sour fast. It’s really hard on the stomach to eat something and then run. The best thing to do is have a light breakfast. Do not skip a meal, but do not over do it either. When in doubt, consider a protein shake for energy, but do not eat heavy.

The second tip is to stretch completely. A full body stretch is crucial for the body to be limber for a full run. Whether you’re in a race or you’re trying to gain some exercise, it’s vastly important to stretch completely. Do not avoid this, because cramps in the stomach can quickly overcome a runner and then lead to cramps in other areas of the body. Always stretch, and make sure it’s done completely throughout the body and muscle systems.

Utilizing the aforementioned tips, the mid run cramps should not be a problem. Breathing right is crucial as well, and other problem areas can be explored upon more runs.

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