Stay Safe with Proper Running Techniques



Proper Running Technique

Proper Running Technique

In addition to proper foot wear, proper running techniques are essential in having the safest, most comfortable, and most beneficial running experience possible.

When running, look forward. Keep good posture with the head above the spine without bending forward or looking down. Relaxing the face and jaw and keeping an eye on the path at least 20 feet ahead will stabilize the running posture without having to lean forward. As well, keeping the shoulders loose will save energy by eliminating undue tension in the neck.

Good posture throughout the torso will allow for better breathing. Stretching, rather than slouching or slumping, lets the body optimize itself to move forward naturally. Provided the head and torso are properly aligned, the hips will follow. Leaning forward will cause a strain on the lower back, so that should be avoided.

Arms should stay close and swing front to back rather than across to keep the body aligned and minimize rotation. The swing will be low with elbows bent 90 degrees. Upper arms really should not move much. Cupping the hands as if they contain something fragile will keep from having a tight fist or loose fingers.

When distance running, even short distances, knees should be low. With low knees, speeds will increase and energy preserved for the distance. Sprinters lift their knees high, however. Ankles serve as levers to power the legs. To run uphill, shorten the stride and slow down with the incline. To run downhill, stay in control as the stride lengthens to keep it from gaining too much and causing fatigue.

Keeping good posture will allow breathing to come easier. Breathe deeply, and exhale fully. By following proper running techniques, especially good posture, focusing on a great run should be safe and worthwhile.

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