Moisture Wicking Socks Keep Feet Healthy

Moisture Wicking Socks Keep Feet Healthy

Runners and others who enjoy participating in athletic activities can benefit from wearing moisture wicking socks. Moisture wicking socks are a special category of sock characterized by the use of a material that wicks or draws moisture away from the skin, helping the feet to stay cool, comfortable and dry. The fabric used to create moisture wicking socks is specially designed to contain hollow fibers that help to absorb sweat away from the skin. Runners and other athletes benefit from wearing moisture wicking socks in a number of ways.

The wicking action of this type of socks helps to keep feet dryer than socks created using other fabrics. Dry feet are healthier feet because when feet are kept in a wet or damp environment, bacteria multiply very rapidly, causing not only an unpleasant foot odor but also encouraging the growth of fungus that lead to athlete’s foot and other skin disorders. Because feet are kept much drier when wearing moisture wicking socks, there is less of a chance of the skin becoming irritated by the socks rubbing against the foot and creating blisters and calluses. Moisture wicking socks also help the feet to feel comfortable because unlike other fabrics used in socks such as wool, they are not itchy and also will not let the feet feel hot.

When choose moisture wicking socks, it is important to check out the features offered by the different styles of this type of socks. Some brands feature extra padding on the heel and the ball of the foot for additional comfort. Other brands feature a double layer of thin material that not only wicks away accumulated moisture but also does a better job of absorbing shocks to the feet which can ultimately cause blistering and calluses. Some moisture wicking socks feature sheep’s wool that is designed to feel comfortable whether worn in hot or cold weather. Among the newest features available in moisture wicking socks is an odor and bacteria preventative in the form of copper interwoven into the sock fabric.

Wearing moisture wicking socks provides better cushioning and circulation for the feet, especially when shoes are worn all day long. Moisture wicking socks are designed to wear with all types of athletic footwear as well as boots. Because the material used to make moisture wicking socks is very breathable, when feet sweat this is easily turned into a vapor that evaporates, keeping the feet cool, dry and comfortable. At the end of the day, many individuals who wear moisture wicking socks report that their feet feel less tired and achy.

Moisture wicking socks are an excellent investment for athletes and others who enjoy prolonged periods of physical activity. They keep the feet at a comfortable temperature, help to prevent the development of bacteria and odor, help to prevent skin rashes, irritations, blisters and calluses, and help to cushion the feet against shocks during athletic activity.

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