Going For Long Runs

The longer your running workouts are, the more calories you will burn. If you don’t go for long runs, habitually, add one to your running workout every second week. If you are a beginner runner, the best way to build up your run time is to add an additional five minutes to your run. Advanced runners who take hour-long runs can increase their runs 50 to 100% longer than their usual running time. However, the run needs to be built up slowly, so that your complete weekly run time, doesn’t increase by more than 10% each week.

Run Faster

Speedwork is an excellent way to burn calories, because your can run longer distances in the same time frame. Run for 10 minutes at a normal pace, then run hard for one minute, alternating with an easy run for one minute. Do this five times for a total of 10 minutes. Slowly add more hard running time minutes, or increase your hard running time to two minutes and alternative a one-minute jog in between.

Go Up Hills

Running up hill takes a lot more effort, so you burn more calories. Look for routes that have three or four hills, and take them once weekly, or take hills on your treadmill: Alternate flat running (five minutes) with a 3% hill incline (two minutes). Increase the hill incline or the length of running time as your fitness level increases.

Double Your Workout

Begin the second part of your workout routine, like strength training or core exercises, immediately following your run. Don’t let your heart rate go back to normal by taking a break. If you double up your workout with your running workouts, you will extend the time period of high activity. Which burns calories a lot faster.

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