A Treadmill Lets You Run Any Time You Want



For years, the majority of treadmills were unattractive, bulky, mechanical devices that interested few runners. By the beginning of the 1990s, though, manufacturers woke up to the large potential market and started making sleeker, smoother devices. This suddenly awoke everyone to the many advantages of the treadmill. Thus the treadmill boom started, and it has continued to grow throughout the years.

A lot of runners now think of the treadmill as one of the best fitness purchases available. While some purists continue to hold them in contempt, by insisting that outdoor running is the true way to go, the majority of runners recognize the advantages of the home treadmill. When you own a treadmill, you can run in hot or cold weather, rain and snow.

Once you begin to write a list of all the advantages, it will grow and grow. Parents with small children find that a treadmill lets them watch their kids and workout simultaneously. When you go for a long run, you need to pack sports drinks and energy bars along with you. Alternatively, you can listen to language tapes or watch instructional videos while you run safely on your treadmill. Some cognitive psychologists even suggest that the mind is particularly open to new materials while you run.

To purchase a treadmill, go to an equipment warehouse, where you can run on as many different models as you want, to see which one you like the best. Look for stability first – you want to stay away from rocking and rolling as you run. Inquire about the motor, to ensure it’s powerful enough for your walking and running needs. You will know if the treadmill is powerful enough if it runs steadily and smoothly while you run on it. The best treadmill will have a motor rated at 2 horsepower or more.

Additionally, see if the deck of the treadmill has shock-absorbing properties. A lot of runners find that they are able to run on a treadmill without pain encountered on roads, because they are softer. This is also a method of recovering from some injuries. However, you need to note that a treadmill can be too soft.

It takes practice to run on a treadmill, but no skills. Begin by starting out slowly and increase your speed as you feel comfortable. Run at the front of the tread, so you can reach the controls and your sport drinks (a lot of treadmills have holders for drinks). When ou are done, get off the treadmill carefully and slowly, since you may feel a little dizzy momentary.

Since you can monitor your heart rate and vary your speed, treadmills are unparalleled for compact, scientific training. This allows you to have progressive workouts, wherein you can increase the intensity or distance of your runs.

5 Treadmill Running Principles

  1. Use your treadmill to increase your workout frequency. Without weather restriction excuses, you can squeeze in more training, getting yourself into better shape.

  2. Try several treadmills before choosing one. Pay close attention to the stability and smoothness of the “ride.” Your treadmill should never feel jerky or wobble when you are running on it.

  3. Check-out a treadmill’s shock-absorbing capabilities. If a treadmill does as it should it will lower your injury risks. This gives you another strong reason to buy one.

  4. Ensure that the treadmill’s incline and highest speed are appropriate for your fitness level. You don’t want to go home and discover that the treadmill you bought won’t go fast enough, or has speed you are unable to use.

  5. A treadmill will give you precise training. You can monitor your heart rate and speed continually, and alter them according to whatever formula you choose.

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