What is the Best Running Shoe For Me?

What is the Best Running Shoe For Me?

Finding the best running shoe for you comes down to on how your foot is built and how you run. You will want to consider the type of arch your foot has, pronation and what your natural gait is. Once you know these answers, you will be able to choose the best running shoe.

The best way to find out what type of arch your foot has is to do the wet test. Wet your foot and stand on a plain piece of paper for a minute. Step off and study the imprint of your foot. You have a normal arch if you have a slight curve and the middle of the foot shows about half. You have a flat arch if your imprint shows most of the whole foot. High arches show a very sharp curve with a very thin middle band. High arches are under pronators and flat/low arches are over pronators.

Having someone watch your normal gait is very important. They should watch to see if your ankle rolls outward, inward or stays neutral. If you are unable to have someone watch you, look at the bottom of an old pair of your running shoes to see what area the most is worn out. If most of the wear is on the inner edge of the shoe, then you need shoes that gear toward motion control. If you see most of the wear on the outer edges of your shoes then you need to find shoes that are geared toward cushioning. If the wear is even across the bottom of the shoe, then you are neutral. Search for stability running shoes.

Above all, try out your running shoe. It should feel natural and comfortable.

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    I love these shoes.I will get these for my girlfriend:-)

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    Great and unique design.

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