Trail Running Shoes – How to Pick the Perfect Pair

Trail Running Shoes – How to Pick the Perfect Pair

In the trail running world, there are endless types of shoes to be found. Many people have jumped on board the barefoot- trail running bandwagon. Many others have adapted some of the barefoot running techniques and philosophies into their own running. While, yet still, many others just grab any old pair of shoes and bolt off in one direction with no care to the types of running shoes they are wearing.

The differences between trail running shoes may seem small, but can make a huge impact. So, finding and picking the perfect pair can be crucial for anyone looking to take up and pursue this sport more. As already mentioned, running shoes come in many different styles and varieties. Some have very thing soles with no arches similar to barefoot running shoes. Others are very stiff and sturdy and have more of a big, buff feel. So, it is also important to have a sort of idea of what one is looking for before going to get the shoes.

To ensure the best fit when going to pick out shoes, make sure to have different socks to try on with the shoes. Some people wear them without socks, while others switch between wearing really thin socks and really thick socks. Make sure that the shoes feel comfortable anyway you wear them.

Trail running takes a toll on all sorts of different areas of the foot, so finding a pair of shoes that cushions your foot where it has the most impact is also key. Many shoes are already tailored to target certain areas of the foot that get beat up most while trail running, but all of them fit different. Finding a pair that is comfortable and will cover those areas effectively is very important.

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One Response to “Trail Running Shoes – How to Pick the Perfect Pair”

  1. Tami
    February 16, 2015 at 5:17 pm #

    I’ve always wondered about the barefoot shoes. I didn’t know if I’d be able to wear them comfortably enough to get the wear out of them that I’d enjoy. I know I’d rather be barefoot. I know that my body feels its best when I am barefoot. I may have just talked myself into trying them for the trail. Thanks for the idea. 🙂

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