Sticky: Tips on Buying Proper Running Shoes

Buying Proper Running Shoes

Buying Proper Running Shoes

Buying proper running shoes and knowing when to replace them is a necessity when running for sport or hobby. Since not just any run-of-the-mill tennis shoe will suffice, there are some important tips that should be considered.

First, find a store that specializes in athletic or running shoes. They are trained to know the shoes, and many times salespeople at these stores are also runners. As well, look at flyers and online to find stores that are offering sales or discounts since good running shoes can be expensive.

Next, determining the correct shoe size and foot type is critical, and running shoes should always be tried on prior to purchasing to ensure a proper fit. Always take socks and try on both shoes. Waiting until late in the day is also advisable because this is when feet are at their largest.

While trying on the shoes, make sure they are comfortable immediately. There is no such thing as ‘breaking in’ good shoes. If stitching or seams are noticeable when the shoes are on, do not buy them as they could cause discomfort or injury. Also, allow half an inch from the end of the shoe to the top toe so that there is room for a bit of movement. There should be no slipping on the heel, and it should be fairly wide in the forefoot area.

There are many types of running shoes for different distances and terrains. Finding the best padding, support, and traction is important. Brands such as Vasque and Montrail offer trail running shoes that offer all of these features, so for runners who have a heavy stride or those who have previous injuries, trail running shoes might be a good fit.

Depending on how often they are worn, cushioning could diminish by six months. By taking the shoes to the shoe store and comparing how they feel to new shoes, it will be easy to know if they need to be replaced by comparing the wear and feel. If the difference in comfort is noticed immediately, it is time for replacements.

Running shoes are the most important tool to stay safe when running for sport or hobby, and by taking the time to find the best fit and the most comfort, runners can enjoy the sport safe and sound.

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2 Responses to “Sticky: Tips on Buying Proper Running Shoes”

  1. Pam
    April 13, 2015 at 11:59 am #

    Definately worth spending time and most likely more money on, as it makes a huge difference to have the right runners for your feet verses anything off the shelf.

  2. Peter
    June 18, 2015 at 12:07 am #

    I agree shoes do have a certain lifespan, and can still look good but be bad for your feet as the cushioning has depleted.

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