Make Your Fitness Fun

To enjoy getting fit, you have to make it fun.

Without a little fun its hard to make a regular commitment and stick to going to the gym and going through the exercise routines, and getting the fitness results you require.

Lets face it, Gym routines can get boring after a while.

Below are some tips to keeping the fun alive to help you to maintain your enthousiasm and fitness levels.


1. Sign up for a new class.

If you’re already a gym member, generally, for fitness classes at your local gym, you wont incur any additional costs. It can be good to exercising in a group, and its a great way to improving your fitness levels.

Most instructors are enthousiastic and explain the movemnts if you are not sure and help you with the movements if they get tough. It can be a fun way to meet people and share experiences in the group setting.

2. Pick up a new sport

Picking a new sport to try helps intergrate different muscle goups and can improve your levels of endurance. Doing the same traditional exercises in the gym that we are used to can get a little boring, so its good to mix it up a little. This also helps with getting our brains accustomed to a different set of movements, helping to keep our minds active.

With all things, it can take a little time to feel the benefits, so its advisable to stick with it for a month to really see the results

3. Join a sports team

A great way to meet new friends whilst improving your fitness levels is to join a sports team. Team sports promote a work ethic like no other form of fitness, and knowing that you are part of a team and attending training is good for the motivation levels and instills a good level of commitment.

4. Be active on your Holidays.

Holidays are a great time to explore and keep your level of fitness going by being active. Its ok to spend time relaxing on the beach, but taking the time to do some sports, walking and remaining active during your holiday can help to make your days seem more eventful.

Perhaps consider a Ski holiday in Canada. This type of holiday would make a perfect balance between activity and relaxation. Skiing the slopes during the day burns a great deal of calories, which makes those relaxing glasses of wine over dinner, sitting in front of an open fire even more enjoyable.
5. Invest Money as well as time

There’s no better way to stay committed to your fitness goals than by paying money to join a gym, or fitness club. Most people want to feel they are getting benefit from the money they pay towards their fitness membership contract. This commitment can help us to work towards a fitness goal and feel fulfilled when we know we are acheiving our goals. Money well spent.
6. Find the “why”

Its important to have a think about your motivation for establishing a fitness routine. Perhaps its to loose weight, to be more social, to feel healthier, or to be stronger, each person has their own personal ideas. It may be to join a gym, lift weights, runaround the park, play a team sport, of ride a bicycle to work, find something fun that speaks to you and let that motivate you.

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