About Us

So if you are here you are wanting to know more about us. The short version is that we are a small company that simply LOVES all things running, fitness and health related.

After 10 plus years of running, training, playing sport and researching fitness methods and strategy, I decided to launch this company and help others with what I’ve learned.

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This has become more than just a hobby for me. It’s now my life’s work, as I’m convinced that running, training, being healthy and fit brings rewards in every area of your life.

After learning how to workout and train the right way and get in the zone at will, I can now train for maximum results. This has helped my business, my sense of well being, and most importantly the relationships with my friends and family.

I’m dedicated to daily fitness testing and researching the most cutting edge fitness technology, with my goal for you to have the best fitness information available.

Stay tuned to this site for everything great thats related to running, fitness and health.

Thomas Morgan

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