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Running Shoes for Women Running Shoe Resources - The Best Running Shoes for Women of all Fitness Levels

Running Shoes for Women At last shoe companies are realizing that women are a major part of the running and jogging population, and women’s bodies are different than men’s bodies.  So obviously women need different types of running shoes. The videos and articles below will show you how to find the perfect running shoe for […]

Products Reviews, Runner Resources - Review – Fathead’s Life-Size Athletes are cool!

Flathead hit the sports wall graphics market by storm in 2007. Launching with a high-profile advertising campaign in the millions that featured professional athletes. Some people will leery at first because they just seemed to appear. But since then they’ve gained a solid reputation as the go-to website for high quality decals and posters. Flathead […]

Runner Resources - Runners Off, Cool Sneakers On!

Most people today associate Converse shoes with basketball, since for much of the late 20th century, they were marketed as basketball shoes, but they are actually much more than that. Converse shoes were first made in 1908, and they were originally designed to be worn for work. Their rubber soles were especially durable, making them […]

Marathon running shoes Runner Resources, Running Shoe Resources - Comfort vs Style vs Price

Shoes are the main tools which you employ for running, for having a good and comfortable run; you require proper tools which suit your requirements. The most significant factor which you need to know while looking for the most perfect pair of shoes for yourself is your shoe-type. There are a number of shoe-types which […]

Fitness Tips - Walking or Running for Fitness?.

Any aerobic exercise is good for burning calories, helping to detox the body and keep you fit and flexible, but what are the benefits of running as opposed to walking?. Running and walking will both strengthen and build your cardiovascular fitness, improve your sleep, help with weight loss, elevating your mood, fighting the increase of […]

Running Shoes for Flat Feet Running Shoe Resources - The Best Running Shoes for Flat Feet for Men and Women

Running Shoes for Flat Feet When you have flat feet you need to put extra care into choosing your running shoes. The videos below will give you tips on choosing a running shoe that will help you protect your feet, ankles, knees and hips. The final video is a bonus to show you how to […]

running shoes with arch support Runner Resources, Runner Tips, Running Shoe Resources - How to Find Running Shoes With Arch Support for High Arches

When you run you want to make sure you have arch support or else your feel will hurt; and be more susceptible to injury. Since you want to be as comfortable as you can when you run you’ll want to find out how to find running shoes with arch support; particularly if you have high […]

how to choose a good running shoe Fitness Tips, Runner Tips, Running Shoe Resources - How to Choose a Good Running Shoe for Amateurs

Choosing a Good Running Shoe for Amateurs Before you start running you have to make sure you have a proper running shoe.  Not only will this lessen the chances of injury, your running show also plays an important role in your form and speed. Below are some tips for how to choose a good running […]

Running tips for amateurs Fitness Tips, Runner Tips - Basic Running Tips and Jogging Tips for Amateurs

If you’re new to running and want to get the most benefit from running, and not hurt yourself we’ve put together some running tips for amateurs that you’ll want to check out. We’ve put together some tips from experts; and to start out, we’ve got some videos for you. Check out these running tips and […]

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